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Prof. S.A. Jonah

The Federal government selection of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria as a Centre of Excellence in nuclear technology in 1976, and subsequent enactment of decrees No. 46 (1976), No. 62 (1979) and the amendments therein, No. 32 (1988) and No. 19 (1989) and the decree No. 19 (1995) were the catalysts that gave impetus to the establishment of Nuclear Science Research Programme in Ahmadu Bello University.

The Nuclear science programme in ABU commenced with the inauguration of the Nuclear Science Programme Steering Committee (NSPSC) that initiated a lot of spade of works including awareness programme on Nuclear Science, recruitment of personnel for the Nuclear programme, training and retraining of personnel, development of infrastructures acquisition of pieces of equipment for the Nuclear Programme and development of policy guidelines that laid a solid foundation for the programme.


Nuclear Science and Technology

This Section is one of the founding Sections of the Centre. It was created in 1987. It houses one of few major equipment of the Centre such as the 14 MeVNeutron Generator(NG), the Isotopic Neutron Source(241Am-Be) and the the Capacitance probe, Diviner 2000. The Section is involved in development of basic and applied research works in mainly Neutron Activation analysis and reactor physics. The staffing profile is shown below.

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Material Science and Development

The Material Science and Devlopement Section (MSDS) was also created in 1987. It houses some important analytical equipment in the Centre. Some of the equipment are the X-ray Flourenscence Spectrometer (tube and isotopic), X-ray Diffractometer (XRD), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS). The Section conducts reaserch in the development and exploitation of materials and in environmental pollution monitoring.

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Health Physics & Radiation Biophysics

The Health Physics and Radiation Biophysics Section (HPRBS) was created in 1987. The research work of HPRBS centres on interaction of radiation with Biological systems. The Section also provides radiation protection services to personnel of the Centre, oil and gas sector, mining sector and other sectors of the national economy

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Engineering Instrumentation and Design

The Engineering Instrumentation and Design Section EIDS, is relatively new in the Centre. Initially it was involved in the maintenance and repair of nuclear equipment. In order to develop the skill and potentials of personnels, the Section ventured into areas of design, control and operation of nuclear electronic equipment, circuits and modules

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To promote the application of nuclear science and technology by providing facilities for training of Nigerians for the development of agriculture, health, mineral resources, industries, power supply and other sectors of the Nigerian economy; to provide high level training and development of strategic personnel in collaboration with the international community/agencies; to conduct research in nuclear science and technology for the advancement of knowledge


CERT is to be a Centre of Excellence that shall provide facilities for the training of Nigerians at all levels of energy matters, nuclear science and technology. It shall also conduct basic and applied research in nuclear science and technology, develop nuclear instrumentation and control devices. The Centre is to serve as a place for dissemination and documentation of knowledge in energy, nuclear science and technology.