VANTRC Makes Everything Tech Based

The center is equipped to carry out basic and clinical research in venom and natural toxins. It is envisaged that we will provide direction for production of the much needed anti-venom serum against snake venom indigenous to Nigeria and West Africa and to establish optimum production protocols and potency standard for anti-venom

Our main focus is to develop and implement the capacity for established and new technologies for venom and toxins research.

About vantrc

We Build New Future With Best Techology

The center was established to promote the development teaching and  hands-on training of high level technologies and postgraduates programs for providing  knowledge and skills on venom, natural toxins and other Natural products. The center has competent leadership and resources to achieve these purposeful directions. Our capability to the following will ensure our success to achieving our goals:

Professor and Director

Our Profile

VANTRC Offers professional Research and Development​ opportunity in venom and toxins Research. The Center pioneers and exerts National and Regional leadership in the research and development of antivenom sera, vaccines and anti-toxins


New and Current Strategies for Research and Development in Our Mandate areas

Chemistry and molecular biology of venom and other natural toxins which gives us an edge as a national, regional and international focal point for research and development of indigenous sources of antivenom sera, antitoxins therapeutics aids and diagnostics
Diversification of sources for treatment of diseases from venom and toxins and promote the development of medical and pharmaceutical application of venom, toxins and related products.  

Our Extension Services

We Provide Snake Removal Services. Snakes do sometimes end up around houses and buildings and do need some control and removal. Naturally, humans do not like snakes around dwellings as they are unsightly and irritating. They are deadly pests that can plague commercial spaces, warm storage units and factories. Ensuring the removal and prevention of snake infestation is vital for safety
We provide services on first aid and management of bites and knowledge sharing about venom and toxins at clinical, village and rural levels
We also offer other pest control services especially control of rodents, cockroaches, housefly, bed bugs, termites and Mosquitoes


Snake  venoms : crude venom of Naja nigricollilis nigricollis, Naja melanoleuca, Naja mossambica, Echis ocellatus, Echis coloratus, Echis leucogaster, Bitis aerietans, Bitis gabonica and Bitis nasicornis
 Bee venom: Crude venom and Apamin from Apis mellifera
Anti-venom serum development
Natural Products as drugs and pharmaceutical necessities
Molecular diagnostic products

The Good Purpose Design & Structure

The Good Purpose Design & Structure
 A two-storey building consisting of eight Senior Research Fellows’ Offices, four offices for Research Assistants, Admin. Staff, Assistant Directors’ Office and two laboratories.  

A block of two-storey building consisting of Directors office (including Secretary’s Office and a Board Room), Deputy Director’s Offices, Admin. Secretary’s Office Research Assistants’ Offices and three standard laboratories. 

 A block, consisting of a well-furnished 2 self-contained flats for post-doctoral fellows and visiting researchers.   
 A modern well organized Serpentarium

 Laboratories and  Equipment for toxinology and Molecular Biology
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